What is there in NACCED’s membership?

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NACCED primary focus is on community development as well as affordable housing. It has a stout membership facility depending on the interest, needs and the funding source. Let us first have a look at the different membership types available.

Regular Members: Any county agency administering programs related to community development or affordable housing or economic development can apply to be a member of NACCED and such type of membership falls under the regular member category. County agencies who serve the residents of suburban or urban or rural areas comprise the regular members. They can be categorized as: visit the link for further details: http://www.nacced.org/?page=WhyJoin

  • Smaller counties with a maximum population of 50,000
  • Medium sized counties having population ranging between 50,000 to 200,000
  • Large counties with a population of at least 2,00,000
  • HOME Consortia

Associate Members: This type of membership is available for non-profit organizations, private firms or private individuals, state associations and government agencies in affordable housing or any other business dealing with a customer like sales of french bulldogs.

What is there in NACCED’s membership

There are various benefits associated with being a member of NACCED. This type of membership understands the unique challenges faced by countries that administer housing and economic development projects. You also get to enjoy the benefit of being the part of the huge network of colleagues who are always ready to share their knowledge and experience with other. There are various workshops conducted by NACCED to facilitate these activities. click here for more details.

Some of the services offered to the members include Technical Assistance wherein you can connect to the NACCED headquarters in case you face any issues. NACCED Alerts which are distributed at least twice a week to inform its members about the latest reforms in this field. The Annual Conference is another service offered to the members which allow practitioners of community development or affordable housing come together and learn from each other and other learned individuals.