What is COSCDA all about?

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COSCDA or Council of State Community Development Agencies was formed back in December 1974 as a forum where national issues will be discussed and proper action taken. It was through 1980s that the COSCDA members started taking up the responsibilities of economic development and community affairs. To make sure that the name reflects the kind of work the organization does, in 1989the name was changed to the Council of State Community Development Agencies from the Council of State Community Affairs Agencies.

All through the history of COSCDA, it has focused on the common interests of the states with more emphasis on housing and community development. It is through advocacy, member services and professional development that the organization takes up these programs.click here for more information.

What is COSCDA all about

COSCDA serves as an advocate between the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Congress and other related federal agencies on various regulatory issues. COSCDA also provides leadership when it comes to the development of legislative and funding strategies which are relative to the housing and community development.for further details, visit : http://www.acronymfinder.com/Council-of-State-Community-Development-Agencies-%28COSCDA%29.html

The board of directors of COSCDA comprises of four officers namely the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. Along with these four members, the immediate past President and the members and representatives elected form the four regions of COSCDA also help in governing the organization. There are four board meeting conducted each year and there is also a telephone conference which takes place on first Wednesday of every month.

The members of COSCDA are those executive agencies whose primary responsibility is to provide community development, housing development or assistance to the local bodies for local economic development. Each state can have one voting member and in case there are multiple agencies then the state has to decide as to which agency will be known as the official member of COSCDA.