All about the certification program offered by NAHRO

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NAHRO stands for National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials. The main focus if this organization is on the administration governing the activities of housing and other community development. This body strives for improving the governing practices and standards followed in the administration. Professional Development is considered as a primary service offered to the member of NAHRO and members of other industry as well. There are number of members as well as non-members who are offered the professional designations and education by NAHRO since last 30 years.

Let us look at the objective of such a program by NAHRO:

  • Acquire relevant knowledge or skill which will help an individual to execute the job responsibilities more effectively
  • Prove your worth to employers with hands on knowledge in housing as well as community development
  • Learn at your own flexible time
  • Attain professional designations which will further boost your career development

Every seminar that you attend will give guide you in taking up one or more such certifications. You can even consider a seminar as one learning event. The reason for this vast number of certification offered by NAHRO is to fill up the demand supply gap. Affordable housing programs require vast array of process and task oriented education. NAHRO has recognized that the associates need the training opportunities which can enhance their technical knowledge as well as their abilities and skills as per the federal rules and regulations. This has also led to the organization of certifications into different levels for Specialists, Executives and Operational Managers.

All about the certification program offered by NAH

The various standards for certifications can be summarized in the following statements. There are various venues allowed by NAHRO where a candidate can complete the required educational components which include both in class instructions as well as e-learning. The associate must possess a certain level of on-job experience which will prepare him/her better for the certification. Hence, you will also gain certain amount of experience during your certification. There are exams and assessments that one needs to pass in order to validate his/her ability in acquiring the certification. Maximum of NAHRO member agencies run on the funds provided by government or federal which is why ethics is an important component of this organization and of the certification too. click here for more information.

The Professional Development Committee of NAHRO is composed of delegates who are well experienced in this field and represent their respective states. There are three sub committees that are formed to address any specific issue. First of this committee is Curriculum which is responsible in assisting in the development of educational products and other such services. The second is Quality Assurance, which tests the success of each of these products and makes sure that it complies with all the points like delivery, faculty, location and content. Last is the Marketing committee which ensures effective communication of NPDS with its collaborators, partners and regional chapters.for related details, visit :

There are experienced and certified leaders who make up the assessment board. These individuals have the responsibility of reviewing the exams and assessments and grade them accordingly.