About NAHRO in brief

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It was in 1933 that few housing officials joined together to form an organization which is known as National Association of Housing Officials. All these officials came from different background but had a common concern which was to cater the increasing need of nation’s housing and community development sector. With their leadership, the United States Housing Act of 1937 came into existence. This was the first ever legislation which made the federal government to assist the local officials to build low rent houses and making re-development for the blight areas.

There were more than 700 members by 1937, who joined NAHRO and since then the quality of housing programs has increased by continuous research and analysis. In addition to being the informational clearinghouse, NAHO was also considered as an advisor, convener of conferences and publisher. There are various advancements made by this organization in the field of housing development. They have even managed to promote the tax policies that would serve as a tool for housing finance. The initial funding for the development of HDLI (Housing Development and Law Institute) was provided by NAHRO.for further details, visit : http://www.nahro.org/about-nahro

About NAHRO in brief

The NAHRO (National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials) is an organization comprising of around 20,000 members who are housing & community development counties and officials in US who take care of various programs under housing and community development at local levels. click here for more information.

The main motto of NAHRO is to inspire individuals who work as a professional in community development, government, housing or social services to build sustainable and attainable communities for under privileged families. Keeping this in mind, NAHRO has a vision of becoming a leader in providing resources for affordable housing development through analysis, professional development, research and ethics. Knowledge, Collaboration, Integrity, Innovation, Leadership, Fairness and Diversity are some of the values upheld by NAHRO.