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What is there in NACCED’s membership

What is there in NACCED’s membership?

NACCED primary focus is on community development as well as affordable housing. It has a stout membership facility depending on the interest, needs and the funding source. Let us first have a look at the different membership types available.

Regular Members: Any county agency administering programs related to community development or affordable housing or economic development can apply to be a member of NACCED and such type of membership falls under the regular member category. County agencies who serve the residents of suburban or urban or rural areas comprise the regular members. They can be categorized as: visit the link for further details: http://www.nacced.org/?page=WhyJoin

  • Smaller counties with a maximum population of 50,000
  • Medium sized counties having population ranging between 50,000 to 200,000
  • Large counties with a population of at least 2,00,000
  • HOME Consortia

Associate Members: This type of membership is available for non-profit organizations, private firms or private individuals, state associations and government agencies in affordable housing or any other business dealing with a customer like sales of french bulldogs.

What is there in NACCED’s membership

There are various benefits associated with being a member of NACCED. This type of membership understands the unique challenges faced by countries that administer housing and economic development projects. You also get to enjoy the benefit of being the part of the huge network of colleagues who are always ready to share their knowledge and experience with other. There are various workshops conducted by NACCED to facilitate these activities. click here for more details.

Some of the services offered to the members include Technical Assistance wherein you can connect to the NACCED headquarters in case you face any issues. NACCED Alerts which are distributed at least twice a week to inform its members about the latest reforms in this field. The Annual Conference is another service offered to the members which allow practitioners of community development or affordable housing come together and learn from each other and other learned individuals.

Stock market manipulation

Manipulation in the penny stock market

Professional Traders manipulate the market.

Within this short article, I’m truly going to lay down the primary basis for some market psychology. If you’re reading this article, chances are, you’re a beginner stock trader. Indicating you don’t trade full time for income. If you happen to be an experienced trader you will find these facts valuable too. If you’ve read through my narrative and are aware of my background then you’ll definitely value what I’m preparing to share with you. My private coach, several years ago, actually helped me to recognize how things actually worked in terms of stock trading and market psychology.

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As you probably know, trading stocks is a win/loss situation. Every time you lose money on a trade, someone else put’s your money in their pocket. This is where it gets interesting. There is a little-known process that frequently occurs during price action. This is where the professionals really take it to the amateurs. A while ago, on another blog I write for, I called for a sell off of Apple stock. This was about the time when everyone and their mother was buying Apple and other traders were emotionally purchasing because they thought Apple stock would never look back.

I outlined that I would definitely avoid Apple stock as I observed a short term pull back in the medium term future. Sure enough, Apple has sold off much like I claimed. So just how did I are aware of that? I didn’t employ any kind of calculations, no indicators, or any kind of extravagant trading stocks software. I used my own knowledge of price action as well as the psychology of what had been going on among amateurs and professionals.

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FX Trading

Learning is significant in everything you undertake. Knowing the basic principles about something is sure to give you a good start, at what you want to pursue. Entering into something new is a big step, so having the necessary preparation is essential. This is especially true when going into a new business or thinking of what to invest in.

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Forex trading has gained much attention over the years, but much needs to be learned about this market before entering into it. Studying and knowing all you can regarding trading will be advantageous to you, and assist you, in putting down the foundation for becoming a successful forex trader. There are various online FX sites nowadays that offer free tutorials for beginners. Read and absorb the data to have the ability to put it into action down the line. One should gain much knowledge before actually looking into various techniques in becoming a successful trader. Do not hurry, because in the end you might lose some money instead of making some income.

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Where you invest your funds is completely up to you. To see if Forex trading is your cup of tea, browse through our portal for the basics.

What is COSCDA all about

What is COSCDA all about?

COSCDA or Council of State Community Development Agencies was formed back in December 1974 as a forum where national issues will be discussed and proper action taken. It was through 1980s that the COSCDA members started taking up the responsibilities of economic development and community affairs. To make sure that the name reflects the kind of work the organization does, in 1989the name was changed to the Council of State Community Development Agencies from the Council of State Community Affairs Agencies.

All through the history of COSCDA, it has focused on the common interests of the states with more emphasis on housing and community development. It is through advocacy, member services and professional development that the organization takes up these programs.click here for more information.

What is COSCDA all about

COSCDA serves as an advocate between the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Congress and other related federal agencies on various regulatory issues. COSCDA also provides leadership when it comes to the development of legislative and funding strategies which are relative to the housing and community development.for further details, visit : http://www.acronymfinder.com/Council-of-State-Community-Development-Agencies-%28COSCDA%29.html

The board of directors of COSCDA comprises of four officers namely the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. Along with these four members, the immediate past President and the members and representatives elected form the four regions of COSCDA also help in governing the organization. There are four board meeting conducted each year and there is also a telephone conference which takes place on first Wednesday of every month.

The members of COSCDA are those executive agencies whose primary responsibility is to provide community development, housing development or assistance to the local bodies for local economic development. Each state can have one voting member and in case there are multiple agencies then the state has to decide as to which agency will be known as the official member of COSCDA.

About NAHRO in brief

About NAHRO in brief

It was in 1933 that few housing officials joined together to form an organization which is known as National Association of Housing Officials. All these officials came from different background but had a common concern which was to cater the increasing need of nation’s housing and community development sector. With their leadership, the United States Housing Act of 1937 came into existence. This was the first ever legislation which made the federal government to assist the local officials to build low rent houses and making re-development for the blight areas.

There were more than 700 members by 1937, who joined NAHRO and since then the quality of housing programs has increased by continuous research and analysis. In addition to being the informational clearinghouse, NAHO was also considered as an advisor, convener of conferences and publisher. There are various advancements made by this organization in the field of housing development. They have even managed to promote the tax policies that would serve as a tool for housing finance. The initial funding for the development of HDLI (Housing Development and Law Institute) was provided by NAHRO.for further details, visit : http://www.nahro.org/about-nahro

About NAHRO in brief

The NAHRO (National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials) is an organization comprising of around 20,000 members who are housing & community development counties and officials in US who take care of various programs under housing and community development at local levels. click here for more information.

The main motto of NAHRO is to inspire individuals who work as a professional in community development, government, housing or social services to build sustainable and attainable communities for under privileged families. Keeping this in mind, NAHRO has a vision of becoming a leader in providing resources for affordable housing development through analysis, professional development, research and ethics. Knowledge, Collaboration, Integrity, Innovation, Leadership, Fairness and Diversity are some of the values upheld by NAHRO.

Different committees of NACCED

Different committees of NACCED

The NACCED which stands of National Association of County Community and Economic Development was established back in 1978 as an affiliate to the NACo (National Association of Counties). The reason behind the establishment of this organization was to develop the county government practitioners technically. These practitioners administer the affordable housing and community development programs that are funded federally and these programs benefit the low and moderate income households.

NACCED assists the counties which receives direct assistance from Department of HUD’s (Housing and Urban Department’s) Community Planning and Development programs by providing the information as well as important training. The CDBG (Community Development Block Grant), HOME (HOME Investment Partnerships) and ESG (Emergency Solutions Grant) also come under these programs. When it comes to budgetary, regulatory or programmatic issues relevant to community development or affordable housing the NACCED acts as a voice in Washington.for related information, visit : https://www.hudexchange.info/programs/cdbg-entitlement/

Different committees of NACCED

NACCED is composed of five standing communities which include Community Development committee, Housing committee, Economic Development committee, Program Support and Education committee, Membership committee. Each of these five committees is chaired by the representative of the regular member county. Any member of NACCED can be a part of these committees. If you are interested in becoming a part of any committee then you can call the chair or any listed member or even the national office. You can get the updated listing of chairs and vice chairs and other members in membership directory. click here for more details,

In addition to the above five committees, there is one more Nominating committee comprised of three persons who are appointed by the President. The appointment is done at least four months before the Annual Business Meeting. As per the tradition, the past President serves as the chair of this committee and the other two members are from the Board of Directors.

All about the certification program offered by NAH

All about the certification program offered by NAHRO

NAHRO stands for National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials. The main focus if this organization is on the administration governing the activities of housing and other community development. This body strives for improving the governing practices and standards followed in the administration. Professional Development is considered as a primary service offered to the member of NAHRO and members of other industry as well. There are number of members as well as non-members who are offered the professional designations and education by NAHRO since last 30 years.

Let us look at the objective of such a program by NAHRO:

  • Acquire relevant knowledge or skill which will help an individual to execute the job responsibilities more effectively
  • Prove your worth to employers with hands on knowledge in housing as well as community development
  • Learn at your own flexible time
  • Attain professional designations which will further boost your career development

Every seminar that you attend will give guide you in taking up one or more such certifications. You can even consider a seminar as one learning event. The reason for this vast number of certification offered by NAHRO is to fill up the demand supply gap. Affordable housing programs require vast array of process and task oriented education. NAHRO has recognized that the associates need the training opportunities which can enhance their technical knowledge as well as their abilities and skills as per the federal rules and regulations. This has also led to the organization of certifications into different levels for Specialists, Executives and Operational Managers.

All about the certification program offered by NAH

The various standards for certifications can be summarized in the following statements. There are various venues allowed by NAHRO where a candidate can complete the required educational components which include both in class instructions as well as e-learning. The associate must possess a certain level of on-job experience which will prepare him/her better for the certification. Hence, you will also gain certain amount of experience during your certification. There are exams and assessments that one needs to pass in order to validate his/her ability in acquiring the certification. Maximum of NAHRO member agencies run on the funds provided by government or federal which is why ethics is an important component of this organization and of the certification too. click here for more information.

The Professional Development Committee of NAHRO is composed of delegates who are well experienced in this field and represent their respective states. There are three sub committees that are formed to address any specific issue. First of this committee is Curriculum which is responsible in assisting in the development of educational products and other such services. The second is Quality Assurance, which tests the success of each of these products and makes sure that it complies with all the points like delivery, faculty, location and content. Last is the Marketing committee which ensures effective communication of NPDS with its collaborators, partners and regional chapters.for related details, visit : http://www.ksnahro.org/

There are experienced and certified leaders who make up the assessment board. These individuals have the responsibility of reviewing the exams and assessments and grade them accordingly.